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Let's Get the Future of Broadband Right

Support smart broadband infrastructure policies

Broadband providers have spent decades building the networks that have spurred unparalleled economic growth and carried America through a pandemic, but there’s still work to be done. With broadband infrastructure on Washington’s agenda, we’re closer than ever to getting America 100% connected.

As Congress looks for bold solutions to America’s infrastructure problems, let’s support smart policies that get the future of broadband right.

Getting 100% of America connected won’t be easy. The best path forward is for Washington to tap existing experience and know-how to build more broadband networks and “future proof” our nation through the following solutions:

  1. Expand: Focus on expanding broadband to areas that currently lack access. Using tax dollars to build networks where there is already high-speed internet access makes no sense.
  2. Collaborate: Cities and towns across the nation have tried to build their own networks with largely subpar results. Working with companies that already provide internet service to millions of homes across the country can be a win for everyone.
  3. Empower: Support federal, state, and local assistance programs that provide all Americans with equitable access to the power of broadband.
A telegraph pole has many crossing over cables running into the houses on the street.

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