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Connect Parents
to Wi-Fi

More Spectrum, Better Wi-Fi

Parents rely on Wi-Fi connections now, more than ever. But as an increasing number of families work, learn, and play at home, America’s airwaves are getting crowded. It’s time to give Wi-Fi a much needed upgrade and support parents who are doing everything at home. That’s why we’re calling on policymakers at the FCC to dedicate more spectrum for Wi-Fi use.

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More Spectrum to
Work, Learn, and Play

American Families Rely on Wi-Fi
Thanks to Wi-Fi, Families Can Do More Online—From Distance Learning to Grocery Shopping

The connected devices in your home help to keep your family in order and enhance your lives.

As families increasingly do more from home, America needs Wi-Fi that can keep up—and that means more spectrum. This spectrum will usher in a new generation for Wi-Fi, connecting more devices at faster speeds, allowing you to do more from home.

How do parents and families rely on Wi-Fi today?

  • Working-from-home
  • Online learning for kids
  • Grocery shopping
  • Streaming video
  • Using smart-home devices

Speak Up for Parents

The government controls how spectrum is used, and they need to hear from you! By adding your name to our petition, you help Wi-Fi keep up with the needs of American families.