A young woman takes her blood pressure during a telemedicine appointment

Expand Rural Telehealth Options

Broadband Makes
Telehealth Possible

Broadband is critical for accessing telehealth options. But millions of Americans living in hard to reach rural areas are still unconnected. We’re calling on policymakers to support rural broadband programs that connect unserved communities so residents can take advantage of telehealth. 

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A Rural Healthcare Gap
20% of Patients Living In Rural Areas Struggle to Access Quality Healthcare Services

In rural communities, in-person health care options may be few and far between. In addition, rural areas are experiencing a shortage in critical medical specialties. Today, telehealth can play an important role in ensuring patients in rural communities can access the care they need, from pregnant mothers and babies, to elderly residents looking to age-in-place.

Broadband is key to bringing telehealth services to unconnected rural communities. Together, we can call on policymakers to connect unserved areas.

Here’s what you need to know:  

  • Only 11% of the Physician workforce practices in rural areas, leading to a supply shortage.
  • Lack of specialty-care options accounts for 55% of preventable hospitalizations in rural areas.
  • Individuals in rural areas have a 23% higher mortality rate than urban residents.

You Can Make A Difference

Policymakers need to hear from you. By adding your name to our petition, you help connect rural America and allow residents to benefit from telehealth services.