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Revitalize Rural Business

Connect Rural Communities to Broadband

There’s a strong correlation between employment and broadband access. In rural areas, small businesses and other employers are more likely to set up shop when they have adequate internet connections. That’s why we’re calling on policymakers to support rural broadband programs that connect unserved areas and expand employment opportunities. 

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Business in Rural America

Rural Broadband, Rural Opportunities

Broadband connects small businesses to the latest technology and enables rural communities to thrive economically.

Today, the internet has become a necessity for entrepreneurs in rural areas, who must reach potential customers all over the world. It also empowers individuals who live in rural areas to access remote job opportunities that wouldn’t have otherwise been an option.

By supporting programs that connect unserved rural areas, we create new opportunities for business and employment in these communities.

Speak Up for Rural Business

Policymakers need to hear from you! Let’s make sure our tax dollars work to connect rural America and help revitalize main street.