A barn and silo on a farm in a rural area

Transform America's Agriculture

Connect Rural America

The American economy relies heavily on agriculture. In the digital age, farmers and ranchers who can’t access the internet risk falling behind. We’re calling on policymakers to support rural broadband programs that connect unserved areas and bring our agricultural industry to 100% connectivity.

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The Rural Broadband Potential

A Critical Industry, A Critical Gap
29% of America’s farms and ranches still cannot access broadband

When farmers and ranchers can’t connect to the internet, they can’t reap the benefits of new techniques and technologies. Instead, they are forced to focus time and effort to find workarounds, taking time away from managing their businesses and serving their customers.

Rural broadband connectivity has the potential to transform agriculture, with tangible benefits for the economy and the environment.

  • Broadband access allows farmers and ranchers to increase productivity.
  • Connected farming technologies help to improve food safety.
  • The potential of connected agriculture could add up to $65 Million to the U.S. economy.

You Can Make A Difference

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