Creating a Better Tomorrow, Today.

America didn’t become a global entertainment and technology leader overnight or by happenstance. It’s taken billions of dollars, millions of people, thousands of communities and the singular ambition and willpower to go beyond. Our industry touches every corner of our country and has propelled a digital revolution that is redefining how we live, work, learn and play.

But we are just getting started. We want every American to enjoy the benefits of seamless connectivity. We will continue to create the most compelling stories that are transforming living rooms into home theaters. And we are pushing the boundaries on smart solutions that can simplify our lives.

See for yourself how we contribute to communities all over America. We represent jobs. We represent cutting edge technology. We represent the stories that make you laugh, cry and cheer. You’re a part of this story. Join us and go beyond!

Our Economic Contribution

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Direct & Indirect Jobs

3 million



Total Economic Impact

$450 billion

Note: for direct & indirect jobs, as well as total economic impact, state-level data only reflect the technology sector, while national data reflect both the technology & entertainment sectors.