Protecting Internet for All

America’s mission to connect every community to reliable internet is underway!

With billions of infrastructure funding being delivered to every state, the hard work of building networks that reach millions of rural citizens is finally within reach.

But the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is pushing sweeping new regulations that threaten to derail progress—stranding billions in funding and leaving millions of Americans waiting to be connected.


It’s Time to Connect America

Connecting every community calls for an all-hands-on-deck approach

What is the “Internet for All” Mission?

High-speed broadband is essential to our daily lives.

That’s why the White House, federal and state governments, and broadband providers have joined forces to expand internet access to all Americans.

But instead of clearing obstacles, the FCC is pushing a massive regulatory scheme that would slam the breaks on progress.

How is the FCC Undermining Internet for All?

The FCC is proposing needless regulations, under the guise of “net neutrality,” that would undermine America’s ability to connect every corner of the country.

While consumers have always enjoyed an open and unrestricted internet experience, extreme interest groups have pushed the FCC to enact a new regulatory structure that would put it in charge of how the internet works.

FCC micromanagement of the internet is unnecessary and will damage the effort to connect all Americans to reliable internet.

How Can I Help Protect Internet for All?

Instead of introducing regulatory roadblocks that halt progress, the FCC needs to change course and support extending broadband to every community.

To show your support, ask Congress to tell the FCC to prioritize Internet for All and abandon its regulatory intervention.

Internet for All is at stake: Take Action!

Your voice matters! Contact your elected representatives in Congress, urging them to advocate for Internet for All and ensure that the FCC doesn’t pursue an agenda that will harm our mission to connect every American.