TV and AAPI Heritage Month:
Celebrating Onscreen Strides in Diversity

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, a time when the U.S. pays tribute “to the generations of Asian and Pacific Islanders who have enriched America's history and are instrumental in its future success.” With television being a bellwether of cultural change, AAPI Heritage Month is also the right time to reflect on the representation of members of the Asian and Pacific Islander community on television and behind the screens.
Issues: Diversity on TV
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Closing the Digital Divide Through Affordability Programs

President Biden announced the narrowing of America’s digital divide on May 9, 2022 at the White House and applauded broadband providers for their internet adoption efforts, including offering plans that enable low-income families to subscribe to 100 Mbps internet service for free when taking advantage of a $30 federal subsidy. With the recent implementation of the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), broadband providers including Comcast, Charter, Cox and Mediacom introduced new internet plans throughout their service areas, allowing qualifying ACP households to obtain robust internet service for free after redemption of their ACP benefit. Interested families can find out if they qualify for the ACP benefit from the new federal government website
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The Future of Telehealth: What Does It Look Like?

Even with safety restrictions in place throughout the COVID pandemic, technology enabled us to receive quality human services – such as healthcare – from a distance.  And with a large majority of Americans likely to continue turning to virtual healthcare services in a post-COVID world, the future of telehealth continues to evolve. Let’s take a look at some key advantages of telehealth and discover how emerging technology is transforming how we access healthcare with the help of broadband infrastructure. 
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Expanding Broadband to Hard-to-Reach Communities: How to Get the Job Done

In November 2021, Congress passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a sweeping $1.2 trillion-dollar bill that includes a significant investment in broadband. A quick bipartisan infrastructure bill analysis shows $42.5 billion going to states to finance internet access, $14.2 billion to provide discounts on internet service and the purchase of a connected device through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), and a further $2.75 billion to tackle the digital divide through initiatives such as Wi-Fi hotspots and digital literacy programs for seniors. Passage of the bill was a significant achievement, but there is still another hurdle to overcome: implementation. After allotting such a significant chunk of money to this effort, how do we ensure the funds are used effectively? We have ideas.
Issues: America's Wi-FiBroadband InfrastructureRural Broadband
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How Can We Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?
Broadband Has Answers

Broadband providers, who are working to connect 100% of America while employing more than 255,000 people across the country, are taking steps to lead the charge on sustainability. With a focus on sustainability, the broadband industry continues to make fundamental changes by innovating renewable technologies and creating eco-friendly networks. 
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What to Watch In the Lead up to Earth Day 2022?

The world will celebrate Earth Day on April 22, but the entire month of April is a time to reflect and act on ways to preserve our planet. Numerous events and initiatives are taking place worldwide to raise awareness about climate change, sustainability efforts, and the natural wonders of the Earth. This is also a time when TV networks use their airways and influence to inform and educate audiences and encourage them to take action to protect the environment and the planet’s greatest treasures.