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Behind the Scenes of Broadband:
Hidden Benefits, Hidden Heroes

Every day, through our computers and mobile phones, our televisions and smart devices, broadband keeps us connected, working, and entertained. During the COVID-19 crisis, it has been a lifeline, allowing schools to operate, families to keep in touch, businesses to keep selling, and the public to stay informed. It seems virtually impossible to imagine how we would have weathered the pandemic without it. But behind the obvious benefits brought to us by blazing fast internet, broadband provides other fundamental gains – ones that are no less important for being less visible. Thanks to the recently released Investing in America report, let’s take a look at three of broadband’s hidden advantages.
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Bridging the Digital Divide: How Broadband Kept Us Learning During COVID

While the COVID pandemic disrupted every facet of our lives, few areas were as affected as education. After the onset of the pandemic, over a hundred thousand schools across the United States were forced to close their doors long term, leaving some 55 million teachers and students scrambling to keep vital lines of communication open. This unprecedented situation threatened to wreak havoc on our education system and cause harm to students who didn’t have an internet connection at home.
Issues: Broadband InfrastructureDistance LearningRural Broadband
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Broadband Powers Entrepreneurship in Rural New England

Broadband service is a lifeline for social entrepreneur Shel Horowitz, enabling his remote business, opening up cultural and educational opportunities, and connecting him to far-flung family and friends – things that have become even more crucial during the pandemic. We talked with Horowitz to discuss his experience and he outlined four important ways that broadband has empowered different aspects of his life.
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The Future of Movies: Cinema, Streaming, or Both?

The less-than-overwhelming receipts for No Time to Die (some analysts were predicting intakes of $100 million or more) have reignited a debate that has consumed Hollywood in the age of on-demand and streaming: what is the best way for studios to release their movies? Let’s take a look at recent trends and discuss where some of the players currently stand in the debate.
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Must-See Creepy TV: Halloween Shows for Every Mood

Halloween is here and it’s time to dream up a costume, stock up on candy corn, and get ready to binge some deliciously spinetingling TV shows. But what to watch, and where to watch it? Never fear (or yes, do!), whatever you’re ready for, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a Halloween show for every mood – from slasher to nostalgic.