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Connecting The Unconnected: How West Virginia Broadband Is Expanding

In rural states like West Virginia, broadband access is not yet available everywhere. To achieve 100% connectivity in remote areas, we must take collective action. That’s why governments and internet service providers (ISPs) continue to establish public-private partnerships that utilize federal, state, and local funding for broadband expansion across the country – producing a track record of success.
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The Affordable Connectivity Program: Why 15M+ American Households Have Signed Up

It’s been one year since the launch of the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) – a federal initiative that provides free or discounted high-speed broadband to qualifying households across the country. Closing the digital divide is a national priority. The Affordable Connectivity Program – and its partnership with internet service providers (ISPs) – plays an important part in enabling millions of Americans to access the broadband they need for work, school, healthcare, and more.
Issues: America's Wi-FiBroadband InfrastructureRural Broadband
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Expanding Rural Broadband:  
Connecting America’s Hardest-to-Reach Communities  

Most Americans in urban and suburban areas are accustomed to the convenience of broadband and the opportunities it provides. From distance learning and remote work to telehealth and smart homes, our lives are increasingly connected to the devices and the world around us. For some of the nation’s rural and remote regions, the distance and terrain between households and businesses are often beyond broadband’s reach. The lack of access to high-speed internet prevents efficiencies that much of the nation enjoys. These small rural communities contribute to the American economy and increasing access to high-speed internet in these hard-to-reach areas is not only linked to economic growth, but also enhanced opportunities.
Issues: Broadband InfrastructureRural Broadband