Let's Close the Digital Divide

At Beyond, we believe Connectivity Counts — that every American should have access to a broadband connection.

That’s why we’re laser-focused on how all 50 states will use funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to close the digital divide.

Join us to make sure states get the job done right.


Let’s Get the Job Done

Now that federal broadband funding is being disbursed, how do we ensure that states put these resources to good use and are successful at closing the digital divide?
By calling on them to:


Prioritize projects that will expand broadband to areas without internet access and protect against fraud, waste, and abuse of funding.


Partner with reputable cable broadband providers that have built the networks that connect millions of homes across the country.


Support federal, state, and local assistance programs that provide all Americans with equitable access to the power of broadband.

Now Is the Time

The federal government has announced a historic investment that could get America to 100% connectivity. Watch our short video to learn more about the steps to getting there.

How Much Broadband Funding Is Your State Receiving?

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law set aside billions of dollars for states to fund broadband expansion projects and finance access assistance programs.

How much funding is your state receiving? Use the map below to find out.


Broadband Funding

$42.5 billion



Tell Your State Leaders to Make Smart Broadband Investments

Sign our petition to encourage your state’s leaders to fund projects that:

  • Prioritize communities without access to the internet.
  • Partner with trusted cable broadband providers.
  • Create assistance programs so every household can subscribe.

Together, we can make sure we get America’s broadband future right.