Closing America’s Digital Divide

High-speed internet access is essential.

Thanks to a historic federal investment focused on closing the digital divide, we’re now closer than ever to getting all Americans connected to broadband and the opportunities that come with it.

Learn how we can reach 100% connectivity — once and for all.

Broadband for All

Now is the time to get America’s broadband future right.

Why is Broadband Important?

Simply put, the internet is what links people to possibility.

For most of us, high-speed broadband is essential to our daily lives – whether we use it to work, learn, communicate, or access critical services like healthcare and banking.

And as technology advances, the urgency of being connected will only grow.

What Are the Barriers to Expanding Broadband?

Over eight million U.S. homes and businesses cannot access high-speed internet.

This lack of access is not because of a lack of effort; rather, it’s the complexity of building networks in areas with rugged terrain or homes far apart.

Fortunately, the resources needed to overcome these barriers and connect ALL of America are now available – thanks to new federal broadband funding.

How Can I Make a Difference?

Getting America 100% connected has never been closer to reality than it is now.

But opportunities of this magnitude are rare – we can’t let this level of federal broadband funds go to waste.

We must urge policymakers to make smart decisions that ensure all Americans get the high-speed internet access they deserve.

Join our #ConnectivityCounts movement to see how you can get involved today.

Yellow and green farming fields, on either side of long straight country road with telephone poles.

The Path to 100% Connectivity

To successfully close America’s digital divide, we must make smart broadband investments that:


Focus on expanding broadband to areas that currently lack access while taking measures to avoid unnecessary waste and fraud.


Partner with providers that have proven experience delivering internet service – ensuring that projects are finished on time and on budget.


Support internet assistance programs that enable millions of Americans to access broadband.

Let's Get the Job Done

Right now, America has a historic opportunity to reach 100% connectivity. Watch our short video to learn more about the steps to getting there.

What You Need to Know

U.S. homes and business lack access to high-speed broadband
Source: FCC
of all jobs
require basic digital skills
Source: National Skills Coalition
billion in funding
allocated to expand broadband access
Source: The White House

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