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Let’s Connect America

Help close
the digital divide



The federal government has announced how it will allocate $42.5 billion in broadband funding among all 50 states to expand high-speed internet access.

But in order to fully connect all of America, this historic funding must be spent wisely.

That’s why, in this critical moment, we need your help to ensure your state’s leaders make the right investments and get the job done.

Let’s Get the Job Done

Now that federal broadband funding is being disbursed, how do we ensure that states put these resources to good use and are successful at closing the digital divide?

By calling on them to:


Partner with reputable cable broadband providers that have built the networks that connect millions of homes across the country.


Prioritize projects that will expand broadband to areas without internet access, fund adoption and training programs, and protect against fraud, waste, and abuse of funding.


Support federal, state, and local assistance programs that provide all Americans with equitable access to the power of broadband.

Federal broadband funding can enable America to reach 100% connectivity – as long as smart investments are made.

Watch our short video to learn more about the steps to getting there.


You Can Make A Difference

State leaders need to hear from you

By signing the petition, you help encourage your state’s leaders to use federal broadband funding wisely.