Let's Talk About Privacy

In today’s hyperconnected world, privacy concerns are paramount. The sensitive information we share online can impact everything from healthcare to personal finances. Americans deserve one national law that protects our privacy. Only Congress can make that happen.

Time for Action

Congress must act to establish one national law that protects privacy for all Americans

Is my privacy being protected?

Our private data is increasingly used to serve many purposes. Quite often, it’s for good in supporting new services and promoting convenience, but sometimes it’s for ill when bad actors use data in ways that violate consumer trust.

While we may choose to share private information willingly, we often lack a complete picture of how our data will be used or even who has access to such data.

Why one national privacy law?

In America, privacy requirements can change across state lines and apply inconsistently to some data collectors but not others. That system is confusing and unfair.

Privacy standards should be the same no matter who collects our private data or where we live. America needs one approach that protects the sensitive information we share online.

How can I make a difference?

To protect our privacy, policymakers need to hear from you.

Sign up for important privacy updates and calls to action. By joining the campaign, you will have the opportunity to tell Congress to enact one national law that establishes common standards of privacy protection that gives all Americans the confidence that our personal data is secure.

The Three C's of Privacy

A single standard of privacy protection should rely on the three C’s


50 separate state laws won’t work. America needs one law that applies to the entire nation.


Americans should be empowered with simple ways to control who can access our personal data and how they use it.


Organizations that retain consumer data need to take reasonable steps to protect that data from illegal access.

Protecting Privacy for All Americans

The private information we choose to share online deserves to be protected, no matter who is collecting our data or where we live. Watch to learn what can be done to ensure all Americans that the personal information they share online is safe, secure, and used responsibly.

What you need to know

of Americans
do not think it is possible to go through daily life without having companies collect data about them
Source: Pew Research Center
the time it would take a person to read the privacy statements on every website they visit in a year
Source: Carnegie Mellon
of U.S. adults
are concerned about how companies use the data they collect about them
Source: Pew Research Center

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What Peers and Policymakers are Saying

“Indeed, the interconnected nature of the internet almost demands a consistent set of privacy protections. Consumers’ privacy rights shouldn’t change depending on which internet service provider they use to log on, what websites they visit, or what social networks or search engines they use.”

Michael Powell
Former Chairman, The Federal Communications Commission