New Survey Reveals ACP’s Vital Role for Millions of Americans

Mom is working and taking care of her daughter too.

The Federal Communications Commission just released some eye-opening survey results that highlight how crucial the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is for so many Americans.

Why it matters: The future of the ACP, a program offering eligible households a monthly subsidy for free or low-cost internet service, faces an uncertain future. Its funding will run out by May, with FCC survey results indicating what’s at stake.

Without swift action from Congress, over 23 million households currently dependent on the program for internet could lose their ACP benefit.


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Key Findings: ACP’s Impact on Healthcare, Jobs, Education

The survey uncovered some pretty telling stats that point out how much of a difference the ACP is having on Americans across the country.

  • 47% of survey respondents reported having either no internet service or relying solely on mobile internet service prior to receiving their ACP benefit.
  • 72% of ACP subscribers use their internet service benefit to schedule or attend healthcare appointments.
  • 48% use it to complete work or apply for jobs.
  • 75% use it for schoolwork (among 18-24-year-old subscribers).

Bottom line: The ACP is indispensable in bridging critical gaps in healthcare access, employment opportunities, and educational achievement for millions of Americans.

The Latest on the ACP

Without Congressional action, the Affordable Connectivity Program will run out of money by May.

  • The FCC has already begun winding down the program. As of early February, the ACP no longer accepts new applications and enrollments.
  • Internet providers are sending notices to enrollees with information about the end of the ACP benefit.
  • If Congress does not provide additional funding, ACP participants can expect to see the impact of the program’s end in May.

Yes, but: There is still hope.

How to Save the ACP

A bipartisan group of legislators introduced legislation to continue funding the ACP.

More than 400 organizations, internet service providers, and others have demonstrated their support for the legislation proposal.

And you, too, can take action. All it takes is just a few minutes to contact your elected officials and let them know how vital it is that they continue to fund the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Help us advocate for the extension of the ACP – take action today.

Together, we can make a difference.