Distance Learning

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, schools across America shifted to distance learning. But some students couldn’t participate because their families didn’t subscribe to the internet. That’s why internet service providers are partnering with schools, school districts and other community partners to connect students across the country to broadband.

Connecting America's Students

Distance learning partnerships help ensure that every student can use broadband to learn from home

What is being done to connect students?

Broadband companies already provide a significant portion of American families with high-speed internet. Now, they are expanding broadband adoption programs for low-income families and working with schools to ensure that every student can participate in distance learning. These partnerships will mean that every student can use to internet to learn, connect with teachers and continue their education from home.

How do distance learning partnerships work?

Partnering with broadband providers allows school districts to rapidly connect their students to high-speed internet.

The school district identifies students and families in need of an internet connection. Partnering broadband providers then step-in to get those households connected, often for little or no cost as the school district pays the monthly service fee. In some cases, families can also get a laptop computer at low-or-no cost.

How can I make a difference?

Our community is keeping track of distance learning partnerships across the country. We will need your voice to ensure these partnerships continue through the pandemic and connect students for the long-term.

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Making Internet Affordable for Everyone*

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Adoption Programs
*Programs are available to qualified individuals and families

What You Need to Know

million Americans
have been connected by low-cost broadband adoption programs
Source: NCTA
per month
the average cost of programs that help low-income families afford broadband
Source: NCTA
the average internet speed offered by programs that connect low-income families
Source: NCTA

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Hear from Parents and Educators

“The connection that we made with Mediacom is about more than education. An internet connection gives families access to social services, and provides access to job listings if their parents lose work. Broadband helps close the gap.”

Phil Roeder
The Des Moines Public School District, Iowa

“If the private and educational sectors come together, we really can wrap our arms around communities. We can wrap our arms around students. No matter what age, wherever they are, we can make sure we get them connected and address the needs they might have.”

Ashley Turner
Lone Star College, Texas

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