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Protect Privacy for All Americans

Privacy impacts everything from healthcare to personal finances. And while many Americans choose to share private information willingly, we often lack a complete picture of who has access to our data or how it will be used. That’s why our community is calling on Congress to enact one national law to protect our privacy.

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Privacy is Paramount

Privacy is Paramount
Americans deserve one national law that protects the sensitive, personal information we share online
One National Law

Modern life can make it hard to track who collects our data, where it is collected, and for what purpose it is used. Americans increasingly want a common standard of protection that makes our lives easier and gives us confidence that our personal data is protected — no matter the who, where or what.

It’s time for Congress to help by enacting a single privacy law that relies on the 3 C’s of privacy:

  • Consistency: 50 separate state laws won’t work. We need one law that applies to the entire nation.
  • Control: Consumers should be empowered with ways to control how their information is collected and used.
  • Confidence: Organizations that retain consumer data need to take reasonable steps to protect that data from illegal access.

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