4 Wireless Trends from CES 2023

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was back in full force this year with an impressive display of wireless trends set to revolutionize our homes, healthcare, and workspaces. 

Here are four of the most important wireless trends that emerged from CES 2023:

1. Glasses-Free 3D Screens 

A number of companies presenting at CES 2023 introduced 3D screens that do not require 3D glasses. For instance Asus’ new laptop, that includes what it calls Spatial Vision, lets you switch between normal 2D and 3D viewing – all without the use of 3D glasses. 

Why it matters: In order for artificial and virtual reality applications to become every-day use technology, we must make the transition from clunky VR glasses and headgear to glasses-free 3D monitors and TVs.

2. AI-powered home appliances

It wouldn’t be a CES without the launch of some new smart home appliances!

One of our standouts was Samsung’s Bespoke Home Smart Appliances line, which takes artificial intelligence (AI) into the kitchen. Its oven can recognize an array of different dishes and ingredients, optimizing temperature settings and even sending warnings if something starts to burn. Meanwhile, Samsung’s smart fridge scans the food on its shelves, keeping track of what’s in stock and what needs to go on your shopping list.

Why it matters: From ovens telling you something is burning to dishwashers alerting you of faulty water lines, AI-powered appliances can notify you to a problem right away and save you from further complications. Plus, smart appliances can make mealtime and other household chores less labor-intensive. 

3. A new generation of health-focused smart watches 

With sleep quality, heart rate, and blood-oxygen level tracking, the CZ Smart Watch by Citizen also measures fatigue and alertness levels – and it can tell you whether you’re a morning person or a night owl. Meanwhile, companies like Omron are adding health innovations like blood pressure cuffs into their smart-watch models.  

Why it matters: Telehealth continues to be a priority for tech companies. Smartwatches and other wearables allow vital signs to be monitored around the clock, helping you keep your health in-check and even alerting doctors to sudden changes so issues can be addressed quickly.

4. Wire-free TV

Television manufacturers continue to push boundaries to create ever-better viewing experiences. From LG, their 97-inch, 4K OLED TV now comes with a Zero Connect Box that sends audio and video signals directly to the screen. Place your TV in the center of the room or mount it on a wall or above the fireplace with no messy, dangling wires.

Why it matters: Wireless technology allows consumers to have more flexibility in how they utilize their tech. Less wires also promotes more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, reducing production requirements and waste. 

The Power of Connectivity

CES once again proves that wireless trends are a priority for consumers. As all these new products come to the marketplace, faster broadband connections will be required. That’s why we want to see 100% of America connected to high-speed internet. 

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