Connecting The Unconnected: How West Virginia Broadband Is Expanding

rural broadband deployment

In rural states like West Virginia, broadband access is not yet available everywhere. 

To achieve 100% connectivity in remote areas, we must take collective action. That’s why governments and internet service providers (ISPs) continue to establish public-private partnerships that utilize federal, state, and local funding for broadband expansion across the country – producing a track record of success.

A recent example: West Virginia is working with Comcast to bring cable broadband access to more than 2,100 unserved homes and businesses located in remote areas across the state. 

  • Zoom In: In early December West Virginia governor Jim Justice approved grants for Comcast to begin construction activities that will ultimately connect six rural counties to high-speed internet by the end of 2023.

West Virginia’s “Billion-Dollar Broadband Strategy”

As of 2021, at least 30% of West Virginia’s rural homes and businesses lacked adequate broadband access because of the difficulty in delivering access to those areas, leaving the state with one of the nation’s lowest broadband connectivity rates.

To put it simply: Broadband expansion has been hindered in West Virginia by the cost of extending networks into rugged, mountainous rural areas. Here is more on how rural broadband works.

But creating partnerships – like this one with Comcast – is a big part of Governor Justice’s “Billion-Dollar Broadband Strategy” to overcome obstacles and accelerate the expansion of high-speed internet to 200,000 more homes and businesses across the state.

Transforming Rural Communities

Beyond helping households and businesses located in remote areas obtain a high-speed internet connection, public-private broadband expansion partnerships – like those between West Virginia and Comcast – are critical to creating thriving, connected rural communities and are a dynamic path forward to connecting all Americans.

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