A Movement to Connect All Americans


Are you ready to get the job done? There’s a new way for you – and the rest of the Beyond community – to help bring an end to America’s digital divide.

What’s happening: Beyond has launched #ConnectivityCounts, a collective movement that’s focused on ensuring that a once-in-a-lifetime federal broadband investment results in every American being able to access high-speed internet.

Why it matters: Over 9.5 million Americans are not able to access high-speed internet – or the many benefits that come with a connection. Yet 2023 could change that, as each state receives at least $100 million from the bipartisan infrastructure law to fund projects dedicated to connecting everyone.

Ready to take action? Then sign our petition! Otherwise, keep reading for more details on #ConnectivityCounts and our roadmap to getting all of America connected.

What is the Digital Divide?

The digital divide is a common phrase referring to the difference between those who have access to broadband and those who do not. Lack of access is not because of a lack of effort, rather it’s the complexity of building networks in some of America’s hardest to reach places.

Catch up quick: The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the importance of having access to a robust and reliable internet connection, as remote work, virtual learning, and telehealth became our access to the outside world.

  • Fortunately, cable broadband providers were able to keep their customers connected during the pandemic, successfully overcoming the historic surge in demand.
  • A high-speed internet connection opens up new opportunities to improve people’s lives, create jobs, boost economic growth, make learning more accessible, and so much more.

A Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity for Change

All 50 states are about to receive substantial funding to connect the unconnected. 

#ConnectivityCounts is dedicated to calling on state leaders to put these resources to good use and be successful at closing America’s digital divide.

We’re urge state leaders to:

  • Prioritize the unconnected: Invest in projects that will bring broadband to communities without any connectivity, while taking measures to avoid unnecessary waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • Partner with experienced internet providers: Cable broadband providers have connected 82 million Americans to high-speed internet including over 9 million in the last three years. States should leverage cable providers’ expertise, resources, and technology, to get the job done right.
  • Support broadband assistance programs: Internet assistance programs play a vital role in enabling millions of Americans to access broadband.. These programs help subsidize the cost of broadband subscriptions, devices, and digital literacy training, enabling more people to participate in the digital world.

How You Can Make a Difference

There are three ways you can support #ConnectivityCounts and our collective movement to bridge America’s digital divide:

  • Sign the petition and tell your state leaders to make smart broadband investments.
  • Share #ConnectivityCounts with a friend to get others involved in the mission to connect all Americans.
  • Follow us on social media for the latest updates on the progress being made to reach 100% connectivity. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)