Gigabit Gains Popularity with American Consumers

network imagery over silhouettes of people working in an office together

With 80 percent of U.S. homes now having access to internet service offering speeds of 1 gigabit per second, American internet networks are continually reaching new heights. The good news is that consumers say they want to go along for the ride and the majority are now looking forward to joining the gigabit movement. That’s according to a recent Morning Consult survey which reports that 55 percent of Americans currently saying they are interested in subscribing to gigabit speed internet service.

The same survey asked consumers about the attributes they see important for future internet services, and perhaps not surprisingly, speed and security rose to the top. Eighty-six percent of those surveyed said “unparalleled speed” was critical while 89 percent said that greater encryption, privacy and protection is necessary in broadband internet to keep their information and online activity safe online.

Fast internet networks are important across the entire country, including our most remote regions. Take GCI, an internet provider in Alaska, which began rolling out its gigabit in 2015, after engaging its communities through surveys and neighborhood events aimed to educate consumers about the benefits of a high-speed internet connection. It turned out that the people most interested in one gig were not just gamers, but large families, millennials living with roommates, and multiple people in the same household. According to surveys, their interests in one gig ranged from streaming without glitches, faster gaming experiences, and video conferencing with loved ones.

The digital wants and needs of GCI’s customers are not unique to Alaska. America’s broadband providers are continually improving their networks in every state to not only accommodate today’s needs and digital interests, but that also take into account the innovations of tomorrow.

And this is where 10G—the cable industry’s initiative to bring internet speeds 10 times faster than today’s services—comes into play. 10G promises speeds that will reach 10 gigabits, lower latency, greater security and the ability to host all kinds of immersive services and applications that are yet to be invented. ISPs are working with stakeholders in the technology ecosystem to provide a seamless and secure 10G online experience for all in the coming years, and by the looks of it, consumers will be on board.