How 10G Networks Will Change the Way We Live

futuristic classroom

The next great leap for broadband is underway: 10G, short for “10-gigabits per second,” is a powerful technology platform that will be 10 times faster than the 1G internet speeds offered today.

When the global broadband industry announced its plan for 10G networks in 2019, implementation seemed far off. But three years later, that future has come much closer. Multi-gig internet speeds are rolling out now in markets across the country and will reach more than 50 million homes and businesses by the end of 2025. Even more exciting, the launch of 10G networks is just around the corner, in 2023.

With 10G on our doorstep, how will high-speed connectivity change the way we live? To better understand this, broadband providers partnered with the Future Today Institute (FTI) to forecast how these new speeds could revolutionize life, work, and play as we know it. Let’s take a look at four key areas that stand to benefit first: entertainment, healthcare, education, and agriculture.

Entertainment in a 10G World

It’s no secret that the internet revolutionized the world of entertainment, and 10G networks will unlock yet another level of awe. 

With the power of 10G, our entertainment experiences will move from passive watching to active, sensory participation. From holograms and scent devices to spatial audio earbuds and connected air jets, high-speed connectivity will enable interactive storytelling in a way that engages all five senses – right from our own homes. 

And this interactivity will also extend to the sporting arena. In a 10G world, the sports fan experience will also be more personalized – smart glasses will enable fans to see the game from their favorite athlete’s point of view.

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Healthcare in a 10G World

The power of 10G networks will put patients more in charge of their care than ever before – and right from their own homes. 

Increased connectivity will enable personalized technology – such as wearables, smart home sensors, and personal smart devices to track health data and share it instantly with your doctors. Medical appointments will also be able to take place from home, through the use of technologies like synthetic health coaches and holographic doctors’ visits. 

Most importantly, patients will have access to all their data and control who can see it.

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Education in a 10G World

To put it simply, 10G will revolutionize the classroom. This “experiential classroom” will come to life through smart glasses that let students get creative with digital brushes, color palettes, and easels; 3D screens that bring historical figures to life in class; and virtual-reality visits to other countries to transform language studies. 

Education will also become more customized to each student’s interests and needs. Faster internet speeds will enable personalized study and lesson plans, digital tutors that bolster students in weaker areas, and robotic aides that assist teachers in classrooms or online study groups. 

Distance learning at all levels will be optimized through live-streamed sessions with intelligent conversational interfaces, automatic translation, and needed contextual information.

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Agriculture & Food in a 10G World

At a time of large-scale environmental change, 10G technology will enable the creation of connected farming ecosystems capable of automatically responding to shifting conditions. Smart sensors, nanotechnology, cameras, and drones will provide farmers with non-stop data, allowing for better planning and enhanced rapid response. 

With AI-controlled greenhouses connected to the internet, agriculture will extend to places where it was formally impossible, including green roofs and urban spaces. 10G-powered technology will also enable people to grow their own produce and create personalized diets based on their health data. 

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10G Networks Will Bring More Freedom & Choice

While it may be hard to predict how our lives will change in the future, one thing that is certain is that 10G networks will lead to more freedom and choice for all. The enhanced speed, security, and reliability provided by 10G will lead us to make more informed decisions about our health, education, diets, and how we spend our free time. And it will be here before we know it.

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