Internet Adoption Programs Are Setting People Up for Success

A young black woman using her laptop computer

If you’re one of the six million Americans that have been impacted by the Internet Essentials program you understand it’s crucial role in communities across the United States. As the largest broadband adoption program in the nation it is doing more than expand internet-connected households, it is working with communities to unlock the life-changing opportunities that exist with access to reliable internet access.

While discount initiatives for underserved communities makes at-home internet access a reality, free digital literacy classes and trainings provide participants the opportunities to make the most of their newly acquired internet connection. Providing a combination of access and resources brings forward the most impactful opportunities of the internet, as participants search, apply, and secure jobs, fill out medical or government assistance forms, complete homework assignments, connect with family and peers, seek out current news, stream media, and much more.

The impact of Comcast’s $550 million investment in digital literacy training and awareness over the past seven years manifesting in all types of ways as participants report upward mobility in various areas of their lives. Since 2011, the Internet Essentials program has hosted more than 2 million people in its online learning centers where users can access a wide range of training videos, guides and reports, online safety, and media literacy.

U.S. broadband providers are committed to making the internet accessible to all, not only by providing equipment and connectivity, but by empowering communities with the knowledge and resources to fully take advantage of the opportunities that exist online. Learn more about the Internet Essentials program today.