What To Watch Right Now: 5 Can’t-Miss
Shows Premiering in 2023

family watching tv together

Plopping down on the couch is the easy part. But what to watch? Answering this never-ending question—and getting our friends and family to agree—can be hard. 

Good news: Whether you want sci-fi, comedy, drama, horror, or a family-friendly binge, there’s a little something for everyone on TV this year. Here’s the intel you need to figure out what to watch right now. 

“The Last of Us” (HBO)

promo poster for HBO's "Last of Us" featuring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

What it’s about: Adapted from the hugely popular video game of the same name, “The Last of Us” stars Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal – “Game of Thrones” alumni – as they struggle to survive a post-apocalyptic world overrun by a deadly fungus that turns humans into aggressive monsters. Think dystopian sci-fi thriller.  

What people are saying: Already pegged as one of the best live-action game adaptations ever, it’s hard to find a single person right now that’s not obsessed with “The Last of Us.” We think you’ll find yourself especially attached to the show’s quirky and likable characters right off the bat. 

When to watch: Streaming now!

“American Born Chinese” (Disney+)

promo poster for Disney's "American Born Chinese"

What it’s about: In the swell of narratives celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) actors and filmmakers, make sure you don’t miss “American Born Chinese.” Adapted from a graphic novel of the same name, this action-comedy series follows a struggling student who unwittingly finds himself entangled in a battle of Chinese mythological gods.

What people are saying: With a star-studded cast – including Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, and Michelle Yeoh of “Everything Everywhere All at Once” – and a storyline based on a critically acclaimed graphic novel that’s both action-packed and funny, “American Born Chinese” follows the Disney+ trend of making shows that are exciting for both kids and adults. 

When to watch: Spring 2023

“Mayfair Witches” (AMC and AMC+)

promo poster for AMC's "Mayfair Witches" adapted from Anne Rice books

What it’s about: Fans of the paranormal and mystical: “Mayfair Witches” may be your jam. From AMC’s Immortal Universe of Anne Rice comes a thrilling new series about a young neurosurgeon who discovers that she descends from a family of powerful witches. 

What people are saying: Already renewed for a second season, “Mayfair Witches” takes viewers on a dark, seductive, and thrilling magical journey. This eerie gothic series stars Alexandra Daddario – best known for her Emmy-nominated role on “The White Lotus” – who delivers a very different but equally captivating performance in her new gig.

When to watch: Streaming now!

“The Idol” (HBO) 

Poster for HBO's "The Idol"

What it’s about: Get ready for a delicious dose of scandal and drama. From the minds of “Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson and Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye, comes “The Idol” – a twisted story that explores the complicated relationship between a modern-day cult leader and a rising pop star

What people are saying: Self-described as the “sleaziest love story in all of Hollywood,” this new take on the LA music industry starring Lily-Rose Depp and Abel Tesfaye is certain to be a thought-provoking and cutting-edge show. We have to admit, we’re intrigued! 

When to watch: TBD 2023

“Poker Face” (Peacock) 

promo poster for Peacock's "Poker Face" featuring Natasha Lyonne

What it’s about: A 10-episode mystery-of-the-week series, “Poker Face” features Natasha Lyonne as human lie detector Charlie Cale who’s hits the open road and encounters strange mysteries at every stop along the way.

What people are saying: A fun whodunnit series, “Poker Face” features an all-star roster of guest stars including Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Adrien Brody, Stephanie Hsu, and Chloë Sevigny. Safe to say, “Poker Face” is sure to be a good time. 

When to watch: Streaming now!

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