What’s In Store for the Future of Work?

a group of people looking at a holigraphic display

Over the last couple decades, researchers have been developing technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and light field displays as well as exploring ways to incorporate them into our daily lives. That’s also true of the team at CableLabs, the cable industry’s Research & Development arm. This week, CableLabs released the latest video of the Near Future series, which gives viewers a peek at how technology will transform different areas of life in the coming years. In the latest video, viewers get a glimpse of what work life might look like in the next 10 years.

In the video, the main character prepares for and adapts to unforeseen challenges on her way to an important business meeting. As she navigates a high-tech future, the audience is introduced to a variety of advanced technologies, including:

  • Autonomous fleets of taxis
  • Workplace holorooms
  • Holographic telepresence and AI assistants
  • Holodecks and light field displays

All of these technologies play a role in helping the character quickly and efficiently solve problems while collaborating with her team members who are not physically present. AI also has a huge presence in the film, with the character’s voice assistant constantly listening for clues and taking on tasks to help her navigate the situation. “These collaborative technologies will allow teams to ramp up their ability to be more productive, more supportive, and deliver better ideas,” said Phil McKinney, CEO of CableLabs. “And with the growing use of light field displays, the price on those displays will go way down, opening up possibilities for museums, high school chemistry classes, and so much more.” In previous interviews, CableLabs engineers have discussed the progress of the light field displays and the changes our society will experience because of them.

All of the technologies featured in the video will rely on the ultra-fast and robust broadband networks of the future. The availability of these networks will produce a reality that is close to what viewers have seen across the Near Future series, whether it’s improvements to aging and the healthcare fieldeducation, entertainment, or how we conduct business. America’s 10G future, one which will include 10 gigabit speeds delivered to every home, is within reach as cable networks are hard at work to build the networks that will take us there.