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What will our country’s digital future look like?

At Beyond, we believe that is up to Americans to decide.

As a nationwide nonpartisan grassroots organization, we empower America’s internet users, entertainment consumers, cable industry workforce, and technophiles to take action on key issues that matter most to our country’s digital innovation.

Who We Are


Beyond harnesses the voices of Americans to advance ideas and policies that shape our country’s digital future.


America didn’t become a digital technology and global entertainment leader overnight. It took significant investment in innovation and people across the country who share the same ambition to go beyond. In order for America to stay on the cutting-edge, we must take an active role in shaping and supporting policies that:

Advance Connectivity

Advance connectivity by expanding access to cable broadband across the country and closing the digital divide.

Boost creativity and innovation

by ensuring that our country’s Wi-Fi networks have the speed and capacity needed to support future technological advancements.

Support privacy standards

that protect the personal information we share online, no matter who is collecting our data or where we live.

Increase diverse representation on screen

by supporting inclusivity at all levels of TV production

Young Woman at Desk in Office

Industry Impact

The value of cable broadband goes beyond a high-speed connection. America’s cable industry – including broadband providers and TV programmers – support jobs, technology, and state and local economies. Learn about the economic impact of broadband in your state.

Direct & Indirect Jobs

2.9 million



Total Economic Impact

$460 billion

Note: for direct & indirect jobs, as well as total economic impact, state-level data only reflect the technology sector, while national data reflect both the technology & entertainment sectors.

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