America Deserves a Wi-Fi Upgrade

Every day, millions of Americans depend on Wi-Fi to access the internet. In the future, even more devices and gigabit technologies will place greater loads on America’s Wi-Fi. For our networks to grow and continue delivering rapid, reliable connectivity, policymakers must take action to supercharge Wi-Fi now.

More Spectrum, Supercharged Wi-Fi

Policymakers must dedicate more spectrum, the resource that powers our Wi-Fi, for unlicensed use

What is Spectrum?

When we think about “Wi-Fi”, we commonly think of the wireless networking technology used to access the internet over public radio frequencies. Those radio frequencies are called spectrum.

Spectrum is a limited resource, so the government, specifically the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), regulates how available bandwidth is used.

Why do we need more spectrum for Wi-Fi?

Connected technologies are placing massive loads on Wi-Fi spectrum bands. This impacts everything from our homes and businesses to our healthcare and transportation systems.

More spectrum bandwidth will be capable of carrying more data to more devices, which would supercharge Wi-Fi and avoid potential data bottlenecks.

How can I make a difference?

Sign up for important wi-fi and spectrum related updates and calls to action. By joining this campaign, you will have the opportunity to tell policymakers to make more spectrum available for Wi-Fi use, alleviating data demands and leading to faster speeds and new innovations.

Unlocking the Power of Supercharged Wi-Fi

With more and more devices connecting to Wi-Fi, our government must take action to stay ahead of future demand. This means dedicating more spectrum, the resource that powers Wi-Fi, to carry more data to more devices. Watch to learn more about how we can supercharge

What You Need to Know

of internet traffic
will be carried over Wi-Fi in the U.S. by 2021
Source: Cisco
networked devices will come online by 2023, more than 3x the world's population
Source: Cisco
of people
say a week without Wi-Fi would leave them grumpier than a week without coffee
Source: Morning Consult

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What Peers and Policymakers are Saying

“…the airwaves used by Wi-Fi are getting crowded. Already our current Wi-Fi bands are congested because they are used by more than 9 billion devices. By the end of the decade, we will see as many as 50 billion new devices connecting to our networks through the internet of things. Add this up. We’re going to need a significant swath of new unlicensed spectrum to keep up with demand.”

Jessica Rosenworcel
Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission