It’s time we talk about protecting privacy.

In today’s hyperconnected world, our private data is increasingly used to serve many purposes. Quite often, it’s for good in supporting new services and promoting convenience, but sometimes it’s for ill when bad actors use data in ways that violate consumer trust.

Our current state-by-state patchwork approach to privacy protections needs updating. We should have confidence that our personal data is safe and that those using it are acting responsibly. These standards should be the same no matter who collects our private data or where we live. Without greater consistency, privacy requirements can change across state lines and apply inconsistently to some data collectors but not others? That’s confusing and unfair.

We need to have one approach that protects our sensitive information, and only Congress can make that happen. It’s time for Congress to act.

Congress Needs to Protect Our Privacy

Do you know if your privacy is being protected?

You should be able to control who accesses your information and how they use it.

Our reliance on technology has changed dramatically over the last decade. We’ve moved beyond streaming a show or scrolling through social channels. We depend on technology and data use every day, and this dependence has positive consequences, but it can also lead to consumers harm if privacy standards are not honored.

Privacy impacts everything from education to health care to personal finances. And while we may choose to share private information willingly, we may lack a complete picture of how our data will be used or even who has access to such data. As modern life makes it hard to track who collects our data, where it is collected, and for what purpose it is used, consumers increasingly want common standards of protection that make their life easier and give them confidence that their personal data is protected — no matter the who, where or what?

It’s time for Congress to provide that help by establishing enforceable standards of privacy protection that rely on the 3 C’s of privacy:

Consistency: 50 separate state laws won’t work. We need one law that applies to the entire nation.

Control: Consumers deserve clarity on how their information is collected and used.

Confidence: Organizations that retain consumer data need to take reasonable steps to protect that data from illegal access.

Protect your family and friends!

Consumers deserve confidence in knowing that a national legal framework will protect their personal information and ensure that such data is used consistent with consumer expectations. Share this campaign with your coworkers, friends, and family and ask them to take action to protect everyone’s privacy.