What Is 10G? 3 Things You Need to Know

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The term “10G” seems to be everywhere these days—even in Super Bowl commercials. 

But with all the chatter about how the “next giant leap” for broadband is underway, you might be asking yourself: what is 10G, and how will it change the way I use technology in my daily life? 

Here are three things you need to know about 10G and what you can expect from your future internet service. 

1. What is 10G? 

10G refers to the set of technologies that make up the next generation broadband network which will have the ability to eventually deliver 10 gigabits per second —hence its name. 

Another perk of 10G? Minimal lag time, or the amount of time it takes for your device to request information and for that information to arrive. Also known as low latency, 10G will streamline your online experience, whether it be on a computer or while using a connected device.

Why it matters: Aside from delivering superfast internet and super-low latency, 10G networks will also provide the security and reliability that future innovations will increasingly require. This means that creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs will be able to continue building the devices, applications, and other technologies of our future.

2. How Will 10G Change the Way We Live?

As 10G makes superfast connectivity a reality, our lives will be transformed in every way imaginable. Just think of how far we’ve come since the days of a dial-up modem!

  • Entertainment: Enhanced connectivity and speed that 10G provides will transform our living rooms into interactive worlds through AI-connected cameras, immersive audio, and 3D holograms.
  • Healthcare: Diagnostic wearables and sensors that leverage 10G near-zero latency will enable us to monitor and analyze our health more and more from home, while operations will be often performed by robot-assisted doctors.
  • Education: 10G-enabled augmented and virtual realities will facilitate completely immersive experiences for students, while parents will have real-time access to information about their child’s learning progress and behavioral patterns.

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3. What’s Happening with 10G Right Now? 

Since the 10G initiative was announced in 2019, cable broadband providers have been creating and testing the technology that will make next-gen networks available across the country. 

Now, in 2023, the first deployment of 10G networks are being announced! Here are the highlights:

  • Comcast launched its latest Xfinity 10G network upgrade to 10 million homes and businesses in February. By 2025, 50 million homes will have access to multi-gig speeds.
  • Mediacom is upgrading its network infrastructure in West Des Moines, Iowa, to certain 10G elements by July of this year. Over 30% of the West Des Moines footprint is already upgraded, with more communities to follow.
  • Many other cable broadband providers—Charter, Cox, GCI, and MidCo— have also highlighted their 10G roadmaps and are looking to roll out 10G speeds over the next few years.

10G has the power to transform the way we work, play, learn, and care for ourselves and others. To learn more about what a 10G future will look like, check out our related blog post.