Diversity on TV

For generations, TV has been at the forefront of telling diverse stories. It has the power to open our eyes to new experiences and help us learn something beyond ourselves. While today’s TV reflects incredible diversity of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more, there is still work to be done.

TV Opens Our Eyes

We support TV that reflects diverse stories and exposes us to new ideas, people and ways of life.

Why is diversity on TV important?

When people see themselves represented on TV,  it often helps validate their identity and experience. Representation of unfamiliar groups can also help us deepen our understanding of difference and forge meaningful connections.

When representation on TV is minimal or one-dimensional, it can contribute to lack of understanding, stereotyping and negative biases.  Thus, it’s important to represent diverse characters and perspectives on TV.

What kind of diversity do we want to see?

We support TV that is inclusive of complex, multi-dimensional characters, tells stories with nuanced perspectives, and empowers us to think differently.

Our community wants to see more shows that represent diversity of race, gender identity, sexual-orientation and ability. We acknowledge that there are other forms of diversity and seek to support these perspectives as well.

How can I make a difference?

Has a TV show ever opened your eyes or made you feel seen? We want to hear from you!

Maybe a show revealed a different way of life or helped you gain a new perspective? Or, perhaps you related to a character who made you feel represented? Share your story in a short note or video.

Diversity Matters

Inclusion and representation can occur at all levels of TV production

On the Screen

Diversity of TV characters, actors, and on-screen personalities.

Behind the Camera

Opportunities for showrunners, directors, producers, and others who represent diverse backgrounds.

In the Writer's Room

Gains for TV writers who bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to storytelling.

Has TV Opened Your Eyes?

If a TV show ever helped you gain a new perspective or made you feel seen, we want to hear about it!

What you need to know

of TV leads
on scripted cable are people of color
Source: UCLA, Hollywood Diversity Report
of characters
with disabilities are portrayed authentically by actors with disabilities
Source: Ruderman Family Foundation
of characters
on TV networks are LGBTQ+, with all platforms seeing increases
Source: GLAAD

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Has a TV Show Opened Your Eyes?