Protect Internet for All

Join our campaign to connect every American

America’s mission to close the digital divide is in jeopardy.

Right now, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is pushing for sweeping new regulations that threaten to derail progress—stranding billions of dollars in federal funding and leaving millions of Americans waiting to be connected.

This is a pivotal moment – it’s time to defend Internet for All.

Urge the FCC to Focus on Connecting America

High-speed broadband is essential to daily life.

That’s why the White House, federal and state governments, and broadband providers have joined forces to expand internet access to all Americans.

But instead of clearing obstacles to help get the job done, the FCC is on the verge of putting up a major roadblock – needless regulations under the guide of “net neutrality.”

If enacted, the FCC’s needless net neutrality regulation would slam the brakes on progress and leave millions waiting for the internet service they deserve.

You Can Make A Difference

Tell Congress that the FCC must not stand in the way of accomplishing Internet for All.