In November 2021, President Biden signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law, which provides for transformational upgrades to our nation’s critical infrastructure. This includes expanding broadband access to ALL of America and providing assistance programs for low-income households.

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Now Is The Time

Let's support smart policies that get America's broadband future right.

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.

Unlike other infrastructure, where lack of funding and maintenance have left our roads, bridges and electrical grids in bad shape, broadband has kept ahead of demand. Broadband providers regularly upgrade and enhance their networks, and are already building networks of the future with speeds up to 10 gigabits per second! Broadband may not need “fixing” like America’s other infrastructure, but it does need continued investment. 

Why Does Broadband Need More Investment?

Today, 5% of America still cannot access high-speed internet at home. Many unserved communities are in hard-to-reach rural areas that are a challenge to connect. In fact, according to a Federal Communications Commission study, it will cost over $60 billion to connect the rest of the nation. With the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, getting America 100% connected has never been closer to reality than it is now!

Why Do We Need to Connect 100% of America?

You don’t need to look any further than the COVID-19 pandemic to see the benefits of broadband. Access to broadband has allowed business, education and healthcare communities to quickly adapt and keep the economy running and students learning. As the broadband industry invests to “future proof” our internet with blazing fast speeds and broader access, the economy will benefit through nearly 700,000 new jobs and $330 billion in economic impact. Every community in America deserves access to the possibilities broadband provides.

How Can You Shape the Future?

With a laser focus on common-sense solutions that can finally connect all of America, every person and community will have a brighter future. Sign our petition to show your support and we’ll keep you updated on next steps.

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The Path to 100% Connectivity

Smart broadband infrastructure policies would tap existing experience to connect all Americans and “future proof” our networks through the following solutions:


Focus on expanding broadband to areas that currently lack access. Using tax dollars to build networks where there is already high-speed internet makes no sense. 


Partner with companies that have proven experience providing internet service to millions of homes across the country. Working with them is a win for everyone.


Support federal, state, and local assistance programs that provide all Americans with equitable access to the power of broadband. 

Let's Get the Job Done

America has never been closer to connecting the entire nation than it is today. Watch our short video that details what the next steps are how we can get the job done right.

What You Need to Know

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