Broadband for all. For most Americans, internet-enabled technology improves our lives and connects us throughout the day from the minute we wake until we go to sleep. But some Americans still aren’t connected because they don’t know how it can help them or don’t have access. Let’s work together to get every American connected to this vital service.

Closing the Digital Divide

Get America To 100%

It’s easy to take broadband internet access for granted. But for those living in urban and rural communities without broadband it means they can’t complete homework, watch shows we all enjoy, or fully access information on jobs and healthcare. But there are some great programs to help close the gap.

Spread the Word

There is a technology revolution driving our nation’s future. But too many Americans have yet to experience the benefits of the internet and risk falling behind. Together, we share the goal of connecting every American to this vital service.You can help by raising awareness about the benefits of the internet and programs that exist to connect every consumer.